Kelsey's Community Shop

**We will be closing all 3 of our locations due to the COVID-19 Pandemic until further notice**


This is a 501 (c)(3) non profit organization with 100% of our proceeds going to a different local charity every month.

Inventory (mostly clothing) is from our wonderful Consignors at Hinsdale and LG however we are always looking for women's clothing and accessories!


Help us help you!
We are looking for fundraising organizations, schools, churches and so on to take over our Community Shop space in Downers Grove on ANY day Sunday-Wednesday. In return, 50% of proceeds for sales that day will benefit your charity. Our store is fully stocked with mid-high end clothing and accessories for women AND kids (mostly girls) that has been donated.  We would prefer this to be on a regular basis and will be offering this to many schools, charities, churches and so on. Booking your day once per week or month will be required. Training on the computer will be required by head of committee and the charity will provide people to work on that day.
To sum it up…
~Book your charity (discuss this with your charity organizer, PTO and so on…)
~Needs to be scheduled on a regular basis (once a week.same day…first Wed of the month… and so forth)
~Your Organization will provide Volunteers for that day. Community Shop staff will not be working.
~50% of anything sold that day will be donated to your organization (minus sales tax)…For instance, If you have $1,000 in sales, your organization will receive $500 and check will be sent immediately.
~Store will be open to the public that day also which makes it even more profitable.
~We would recommend social media shout outs for “your day” as we will do the same through OUR social media (FB and IG)
~All you need to do is let us know your organization, book your day(s), let everyone know AND earn money for your organization!
~Can be ANY hours (9:00 - 2:00?, 10-5…any hours!) Sunday, Monday, Tuesday or Wednesday OR any night!