Q~How does this "work"? A~We are a Consignment Shop. Everything in the store is on consignment which means we sell it and you, as the Consignor, get 50% once it sells.

Q~How often do I collect a check? A~Our payout days are the first Thursday of every month in Hinsdale and the first Friday of every month in LaGrange. Consignor must come into the store to collect check. We do not mail unless items are shipped from out of state OR Consignor moves while consigning with us.

Q~How do I find out if something has sold that I brought in? A~You, as the Consignor, are responsible for emailing us to check on your account balance. Always email, per contract, 2-5 days before payout for most current amount. Hinsdale~Kelseyresale@gmail.com  LaGrange~KelseyresaleLG@gmail.com

Q~What do you accept? A~Women's clothing and accessories only. We are very particular with what we accept so please go to our consignment pages to see brands and requirements. 

Q~What do you NOT accept? A~We do not accept formal wear, cocktail, lingerie, business attire, wedding dresses, plain tees, plain tanks, childrens, mens. See consignment pages for No's.

Q~Do you only sell authentic items? A~YES. Not only are we trained to authenticate but we also use a device called Entrupy to authenticate. 

Q~Do you take Fur? A~Only if the fur is current (within a couple years old), in style, not vintage, in GREAT shape, no tears, no monogram. We accept fur starting the beginning of October.

Q~Do I need an appointment to bring items in? A~No, you bring items in during the consignment days/hours (See consignment pages for store's consignment hours)

Q~Do I get items back if they don't sell? A~You get accessories back but not clothing. Clothing is donated to our non for profit after the season is over. If ANY items are in the store longer than a year, they are automatically donated without notice.

Q~Can I purchase online? A~Yes, we have items on our website, Instagram AND Facebook. 

Q~Do you ship purchases? A~Yes and if out of state, there is no tax. Shipping fee depends on item.

Q~Do you have layaway? A~Yes, we offer a 60 day layaway with no fee. 25% down. Purchase needs to be $500+. Can be 1 item or numerous.

Q~Do you have sales? A~Yes, please add yourself to our email list for updates OR follow us on IG or FB.